PHPMySpace Gold Edition v8.1 Gold

    • PHPMySpace Gold Edition v8.1 Gold

      PHPMySpace Gold Edition v8.1 Gold
      PHPMySpace Gold Edition v8.1 Gold

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      PHPMySpace Gold Edition is the most advanced social networking software that you can use.

      It has more features and options that any other software of its kind. PHPMySpace Gold Edition even has more features and options for users and the admin, then sites like, friendster. There is literally no other software or site that can offer or compare to the features coded into it. PHPMySpace Gold Edition is also the ONLY social networking site of its kind that actually allow for users to create and edit html pages in the other users profiles. 99% of the code generators that work on sites like will also work in PHPMySpace Gold Edition.

      Other software that is available from other sites does not allow for this feature alone.

      Your users will enjoy features like:

      **Personal/private chat
      **Personal/private Blog
      **Personal/private events calendar
      **Upload, share, download, music videos, photos, pics
      using the multi-media features built in.
      **Share,add, edit classifieds,downloads
      **Personal/public Games channel online with favorites and high score
      **Add, remove friends list
      **Personal/private Messages
      **Personal/public Forums
      **Free Live Daily Astrology readings
      **ToolBox (multiple features)

      Plus much, much more!

      The admin can control literally every aspect of the site including:

      **User/IP Banning
      **mass email users, moderators, admins
      **Individual user permissions
      **Individual group permissions
      **Multipl groups,users,permissions
      **Multiple Admins, multiple moderators
      **Custom Blocks, for basic html,php
      **Custom Modules, plugins
      **Features a theme directory - to install more themes
      **Module directory - to install more features

      Most every spect of the site can be customized from within the web based admin panel.

      There are only 5 settings that must be set for the site to work out of the box. (most of which are database settings) and all in ONE file!

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