[AJAX/Flatfile] vBShout 2.1

  • [AJAX/Flatfile] vBShout 2.1

    [AJAX/Flatfile] vBShout 2.1
    [AJAX/Flatfile] vBShout 2.1

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    Hey there,

    First release here, I'm sure most might know me from over at vB.org, in anycase they broke my vBShout, so here's a fixed version, with a few extra bits:

    - Flatfile System (Seriously cuts any intensity this once created before)
    - Bug Fix: ' used to break edit shout
    - Bug Fix: Users couldn't edit/delete their shouts
    - Bug Fix: Parsing problem (that vb.org created..)
    - Feature Disabled: Timestamps, this is unfortunatly due to using a flat file system.

    Enjoy everyone, if you have the previous vBShout installed, I suggest uninstallation the previous vBShout product then installating this one fresh (saves you havning to revert templates).

    Also, this will work for any vB 3.5 installation


    - Zero Tolerance


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