ecto 3.0 Final (Mac user only)

    • ecto 3.0 Final (Mac user only)

      ecto 3.0 Final (Mac user only)
      Powerful and Easy to Use Editor
      For the WYSIWYG editor ecto does a great job …

      Picture posting is as simple as drag and drop. It rocks.

      — Geoffrey Miller

      * intuitive interface for creating and editing weblog entries
      * smart, easy to use "create-a-link" dialog
      * full local control of recently posted entries and drafts (with search function)
      * a Rich Text and an HTML editor with spellcheck and search/replace
      * syntax-coloring in the HTML editor
      * quick access menu with HTML tag templates and keyboard shortcuts for the HTML editor (fully customizable)
      * support of all available remote control options of MovableType API:
      o posting entries with continuation
      o summary
      o keywords
      o multiple
      o categories
      o trackback
      o text-formatting
      o comment options
      * easily change the posting date of entries

      Advanced Blogging Features Made Easy

      * convert, scale images and create thumbnails
      * create poster movies or create thumbnails from movie frames
      * save settings on a per-blog basis
      * extensive help documentation accessible from within ecto
      * support for multiple weblogs and servers (with easy-to-use Account Manager)
      * embedded debug console to troubleshoot server connections
      * full-featured HTML-rendered preview of entries using Safari's WebKit
      * hate the metal and icons? Set the window texture via the Preferences window and change icons with the supplied switcher!

      Blogging Around the World
      ecto is localized for several languages, making it even easier for you to use.

      * Dutch
      * French
      * German
      * Spanish
      * Japanese

      ecto works with your blog

      * Blogger
      * Blojsom
      * Drupal
      * Expression Engine
      * MovableType
      * Nucleus
      * SquareSpace
      * TypePad
      * WordPress

      Integration with Your Digital Life

      * send notifications by email (with Address Book support)
      * insert details of the currently playing iTunes song in your entry
      * powerful file and media upload with iPhoto import via attachments
      * support for, the social bookmarks manager
      * Services menu items to blog selected text (with extra features for Safari)
      * works with news readers

      o NetNewsWire
      o PulpFiction
      o Shrook
      o and much much more!

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