VBulletin Members Area Pro 2.0.0 - Nulled

    • VBulletin Members Area Pro 2.0.0 - Nulled

      VBulletin Members Area Pro 2.0.0 - Nulled
      Finally, vBMA Version 2 has been released.

      vB Members Area is a member management system, that enables your users to get their own customer number and password. They can then login to the system and purchase / download products that you specify. Each product that they purchase will be issued a unique licence number.

      Before your members can download your products, they are required to edit their licence details to include the URL that the product will be installed on.

      Due to the product having a seperate login system, your forum login will not work. This makes the modification more secure and will allow for you to delegate what users can access the mod.

      What has changed between version 2 and the Beta Versions?
      We have got rid of the install procedure, so all that is needed now is a product import. Along with this, there is no activation / validation procedure. There have been many more backend features. Users can now also sell their own products and get the money for it, by having an admin setup their product in the ACP along with the users paypal address in that product settings page.
      Is there a PRO version?
      Yes. Please do not discuss that here at vb.org as this is a free modifications site. Check out our homepage for this discussion.
      Final Note
      If you have vBMA Beta Versions installed on your board, please uninstall fully. Remove all the files and the products and any template edits, then please install this product. Please also note that any products you have set up, will be lost, so you will have to reset them again.

      Demo: here

      Forum Username: vbma_demo
      Forum Password: demo
      vBMA Cust Number: MAd2626322158
      vBMA Password: 31e96aed70ab7


      Time to install: < 1 Minute
      Template Edits: 0
      File Uploads: 8
      Products: 1 (2 if using PRO)

      How to install

      Step 1 - Upload all files to your forum directory in their relevant paths
      Please see the readme file for full instructions

      Step 2 - Import the product product-memarea into your Admin CP

      Step 3 - Setup Usergroup and Administrator Permissions


      Miscellaneous Options

      Do NOT remove the copyright from the code without purchasing a branding free option for your licence.

      More Infos: vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=196770

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