AutoBlogged 2.4.22

    • AutoBlogged 2.4.22

      AutoBlogged 2.4.22
      AutoBlogged v2.4.22

      Autoblogger Pro is an automated traffic generation system that enables webmasters and SEO professionals to rapidly deploy a network of keyword-targeted blogs onto a variety of platforms.Features:
      - Post Engine. "Posts out" to sites you create on a number of blogging platforms, including Blogger, WordPress,,, and others. "Posting Out" means that, after content has been generated by Autoblogger Pro Stand Alone, this content can be "pushed" automatically to a blog you own on the same server, or a blog you own on a remote server. Note: There has been some recent confusion about this feature. The software cannot be used to post to other people's blogs. You must own the blog you are posting to. Basically, it is a central admin interface to a variety of local and remote blogs that YOU OWN or create.
      - Feed Engine. Pulls, parses, and stores RSS and Atom feeds from a variety of sources, including other blogs, marketing resources, affiliate programs, and other forms of XML aggregation. The software stores these "pulled" feeds in a database, allowing you to rapidly launch distributed content networks based on feeds you have already accumulated.
      - Rewrite Engine. Allows the user to "rewrite" specific words and phrases, improving keyword density. For example, if you are pulling a poker feed, but targeting Texas Hold-Em, you may rewrite the word "poker" to "hold em," and the word "bet" to "big blind" to improve the way search engines read and rank your blogs.
      - Relink Engine. Allows "relinking" of words and phrases to automatcially create a hyperlink out of any word specified in the pulled feeds.
      - Campaigns. Autoblogger Pro is campaign-based, allowing for multiple relink rules, rewrite rules, feed categories, blogs, and other options to be configured dynamically and easily managed from a central interface. Control all of your blogs from one administration panel.
      - Unlimited Licensing. The software is licensed for "unlimited domains," with no restrictions on the number of feeds you can pull, or blogs you can post out to.
      - Dynamic Ad Engine. Allows a user to create custom headers and footers for each post, making it possible to direct readers to specific URL's or advertising creatives at the top or bottom of each post.
      - Image Downloader. Downloads and re-serves remote images, preventing broken images due to hotlinking. Also changes the links inside of your feeds to reflect the new locations of these images.
      - Sourcelink Editor. Gives credit to the feed source, in any format a user defines. This allows for a custom link to the source of your feed, giving you maximum flexibility.

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