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    GameSiteScript is an easy-to-use arcade website script. With GameSiteScript, you will be able to get your own arcade/entertainment website online within minutes of purchase. To save you time and help start off your website, there are game packages with up to 1750 games available. No other script on the market offers as many games or features as GameSiteScript.

    · Easy-To-Use Administration Area
    You can administer all aspects of your site from the easy-to-use administration area. From adding games and videos to sending a newsletter to everyone who has registered at your website - it's all there.

    · Support For Many File Types
    GameSiteScript natively supports Flash & Shockwave games and animations; Windows Media, AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG videos; and GIF/JPEG images. Using the CustomCode feature, you can put ANY type of file on your website.

    · Member Account Registration
    You have the option of allowing users to register on your website. After registering, members can communicate with other members via the Personal Messaging system, attribute comments to their name, and maintain a profile page with a list of their favorite media.

    · Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
    GameSiteScript uses an advanced caching system to ensure the pages of your website load quickly. Rather than being a lightweight script that runs quickly but doesn't have very many features, GameSiteScript has all sorts of features but still runs quickly with low server load thanks to the caching system.

    · Fully Customizable - Powerful Theme Engine
    The look and feel of your website is fully customizable. The theme engine and language system allow you to completely customize the look and feel of your website. Four themes are included with the script, and you can make as many more as you wish. The script is written in PHP and MySQL.


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