Datecomm version 2.4 (95% Myspace Clone)

  • Datecomm version 2.4 (95% Myspace Clone)

    Datecomm version 2.4 (95% Myspace Clone)
    Datecomm version 2.4



    DC is a developed social networking / community script.
    Target audience is Everyone! Remember the dating craze? well the market for social networking is everyone!
    not just singles etc.. its still early days.
    You can Buy a social network / community site now! now only $220 per single license.

    Google adsense integration makes it easy to monetize your site!

    Commercial Social Networking Software Turnkey Solution

    Members can personalize profile with CSS customization, Upload/Play Music, Link video and graphics,
    edit Profile, upload pictures and invite any friends to join your network,
    play music from profile, Create groups with different access levels
    members can chat in public rooms or in private rooms.
    Write Testimonials (must be a friend)
    Find a date
    Find an apartment
    Find a job
    Connect with lost friends
    Expose music
    Connect with artists
    Promote events
    Make a new friend
    Buy or sell something
    Create business relationships
    Find auditions
    Search engine friendly URLs
    New Flash Chat with File Sharing and IM

    Easy to use admin section gives you total control over completely every single area of the site.
    much more
    Free Flashchat Integration share files and video.

    More info

    Demo :

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